Sesame Salmon Bowls

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I’m all up on these build-a-bowl recipes lately, can you tell? You know the drill: leftovers on top of. And this sesame salmon bowl is no different – super simple to throw together, but huuuuge on flavor. The hardest (and most time-consuming thing) is really just waiting for the rice to cook. For the WIN.

One Pan Healthy Paella

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Looking for a quick, delicious dinner? Try this One Pan Healthy Paella! It’s packed with protein, loads of veggies + whole grain brown rice – yum! This post is sponsored by Texmati® RiceSelect but all opinions are my own.

Horchata Blondies

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Rice is life. The original “ancient grain,” rice in some form has been around since the beginning of recorded history, flourishing in every cuisine across the globe, the very foundation of civilization itself. The word for “rice” in Japanese is the same as the word for “meal,” which succinctly demonstrates just how essential this basic cereal has been for many millennia of cooks and eaters. Boasting well over 40,000 different, wholly unique varieties, one could easily eat rice every single day for their entire lives and never grow bored. Today, I’m talking about basmati, but not just any basmati; Texmati, the first of its kind to be grown in the US.

Creamy Mushroom Rice Soup

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Creamy Mushroom Rice Soup is an easy-to-make meal that is perfect for any time of the year. This soup is gluten-free and will be a family favorite. The mushrooms bring an earthy taste to the dish. The fresh herbs and lemon, lighten the flavor of the dish. To round out the texture of this dish we used rice. Rice is a staple in this vegetarian, gluten-free household.